This Week's Events
Monday, September 25 - Sunday, October 1, 2017
(See our calendar for future events.)

W E D N E S D A Y :
>   6:00pm Youth 4 Christ
>   6:00pm Kids 4 Christ Meal & Kids Mixer: Cheese, Please!
>   6:30pm Kids 4 Christ Bible Study
>   6:30pm Adult Bible Study - In Light of Eternity: Perspectives on Heaven (The Conclusion)

T H U R S D A Y :
>   7:00pm Poiles' Lifepoint Group

F R I D A Y :
>   8:00pm Family Movie Night: Rock Dog Watch the Rock Dog Movie Trailer
     Join us outside on the side lawn. Bring your lawn chairs & blankets. We'll have free refreshments. Come out and join us for a great night of fun and safe entertainment for the whole family! The movie begins as soon as darkness permits.
     Rock Dog is a 2017 computer-animated comedy film about Bodi, a young Tibetan Mastiff dog, who is expected to be the next guard of the village of Snow Mountain. Unfortunately, his training doesn't go very well and he accidentally causes a nearby flying plane to drop a package. Among the items that fell out, Bodi becomes interested in a red radio and listens to some of the music on the stations, with his favorite being rock music by British rock legend Angus Scattergood. Bodi leaves his home village in the mountains to become a rock musician in the big city and his new adventure begins.

S A T U R D A Y :
>   4:45pm Youth Progressive Dinner
     The youth are having a progressive dinner. Meet at the church at 4:45pm. Signed permission slips are required.

S U N D A Y :
>   9:30am Sunday School (Classes For Children, Youth & Adults) More classroom details.
> 10:45am Worship Service & KidsWorship
>   7:00pm Grace Hispanic Baptist Church (Iglesia Bautista Hispano Grace) Más detalles.
     Pastor Eduardo Cutino leads church services for the Hispanic community in our church sanctuary each Sunday evening. If you know any Spanish-speaking individuals, we ask you invite them to Iglesia Bautista Hispano Grace and direct them to the Spanish version of our website at The site has information on Salvation, God's Special Plan and Hispanic links to Christian websites.

Upcoming Events & Announcements

Saturday, October 7
>   8:00am Men's Prayer Breakfast
     Men are encouraged to sign up if you plan to attend the men's prayer breakfas. The sign up sheet is on the bulletin board by the church office. If you have questions, please see Richard Top.

>>>>>>> Quinters' Lifepoint Group Begins in October
     The Quinters' Lifepoint Group will begin meeting at 6:30pm on Mondays beginning in October.

Connect to Us

>>>>>>> We Want To Connect With You!
      We connect with you online and through our Connect Cards at church.
     Announcements of services, events and church information are on this website. You may also listen to or download past sermons and services.
     Like us on our Facebook Page go to or just click the Facebook "f" icon at the bottom right of each website page. Facebook requires you have an account to view our page.
     When visiting our church the first time we ask you fill out a Connect Card and drop that - and only that - into the offering plate when it is passed. You may also record prayer concerns on the Connect Card and/or indicate your interest to become a church member.

>>>>>>> How to Become a Member of Grace Community
      If you are interested in becoming a member of our church family, you may do so by contacting the church office by phone at 502 361-2911 or by email at . You may also let the pastor know during the closing song at the Sunday Service or fill out a Connect Card and drop it in the collection plate. At your earliest convenience, pastor Donnie will make an appointment with you to discuss church membership.

>>>>>>> How to Add People to the Prayer Request List
      If you wish to add someone to the prayer list published monthly in the bulletin, please write a request in the area provided on the back of a Connect Card in the pews and place it in the offering plate. You may also call the church at 502 361-2911 during regular office hours or send an email to . If you know someone who can be removed from the list, please let the church office know.

>>>>>>> How to Receive Prayer Requests
      Prayer requests are frequently sent out by email. If you would like to add your email address to those receiving this information, email Sue at the church office and she will add you to the list.

>>>>>>> How to Receive the Church Newsletter by Email
      Newsletters are published every other month. If you are a member of GCBC and wish to receive yours by email, please send an email to at the church office. This is the same as the paper edition for church members. The Website Edition differs from the church members publication in that it does not include members' birthdays, has announcements of regular services and is designed more for non-members of GCBC.

>>>>>>> How to Provide Your Email Address
      The most efficient way to notify members of a prayer request is via email. If the church office doesn't have your email address please send an email to the church at . For those who don't have email, we will always make our best effort to notify you of important updates with a phone call.