Sermon Series

The Church Jesus Prayed For

If you could only pray for a few things for the universal church or an individual church, what would it be? What would you think are the things at the top of the list and most important? Jesus mentioned some things in his longest recorded prayer. Over the next few weeks, we'll be looking at the things Jesus prayed for during his last days on earth.

That Jesus prayed for these things should make them a priority for us. If they were important enough for Jesus to pray for them, we should be having them at the very top of our list as well. If they're not a priority for us, we are significantly off track. There is a lot at times we don't fully understand about the will of God - here we are given several areas that we don't ever have to wonder about.

Sadly for some Christians, some of these things may not seem exciting or important. As churches we make sure we're focusing on the things Jesus prayed about and, in some cases, possibly less on the things we decided are important.

About Sermons: Sermons are expository in nature (with some exceptions) because Scripture should be the focus not the cleverness or wisdom of the pastor. It is also because God Himself has spoken, why would we want the wisdom of man? Therefore it's in our best interest to discover what God has said on the various topics of life (not what a pastor has opinions or advice on) and learn to apply them to our own lives and situations.

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