Sermon Series

Jesus' Spiritual Conversations

As Christians, we all understand that we are to share our faith and spread the gospel—God's salvation through Jesus Christ. But doing this can be described as a lot of things for most Christians. Words like fearful, intimidating, frustrating and inadequate can all come to mind. Nothing will make sharing our faith stress-free “in three easy steps” as some seem to imply because we will face opposition at times. This is inevitable as we will have to get around to talking about things like sin and being guilty before God, and how to address this sin problem. Added to this is the fact that most people already have opinions about these matters. Often they are very strong opinions, as well as equally ill-founded opinions not based on anything other than it's simply their opinion.

Given that this won't always be a walk in the park, who better to look to than Jesus in how he related to people as we live our lives? We are going to look at these passages from the stand point of what we can learn about engaging people about spiritual matters and salvation in particular. As a result, we will be looking at these encounters with that in mind and not always focusing on some of the other truths theses passages teach.

Is evangelism just a Christian sales pitch? We'll see if Jesus approached it that way. While we obviously aren't Jesus, hopefully we can still learn some things from him and how he went about it. Hopefully this will help us be more confident in having spiritual conversations with those we meet.

About Sermons: Sermons are expository in nature (with some exceptions) because Scripture should be the focus not the cleverness or wisdom of the pastor. It is also because God Himself has spoken, why would we want the wisdom of man? Therefore it's in our best interest to discover what God has said on the various topics of life (not what a pastor has opinions or advice on) and learn to apply them to our own lives and situations.

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