Sermon Series

Christmas Is About A Priest, Prophet and King

Christmas is perplexing. People who don't even like church or have much if anything to do with God seem to love celebrating it with lots of enthusiasm for some strange reason. It's always fascinating and sad to hear people's ideas concerning Christmas. They go from accurate to downright corny.

We're going to look at who the Jesus of Christmas is in three important areas of his activity or work.

Christians have observed that the Bible portrays Jesus as our Priest, Prophet and King. With each of these offices, go certain activities that relate to salvation and have meaning and importance even for those who reject Jesus Christ. Though many think otherwise, we all are and will be impacted by the One born in Bethlehem. For some who look to him and follow those offices are wonderful and comforting, for those we reject (don't follow) those offices are and should be a very real concern.

With three sermons we look at how "Christmas Is About A Priest, Prophet and King" and the importance of how we respond.

About Sermons: Sermons are expository in nature (with some exceptions) because Scripture should be the focus not the cleverness or wisdom of the pastor. It is also because God Himself has spoken, why would we want the wisdom of man? Therefore it's in our best interest to discover what God has said on the various topics of life (not what a pastor has opinions or advice on) and learn to apply them to our own lives and situations.

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