Sermon Series

Throughout the year a sermon series may be used. This will vary and may focus on a particular book of the Bible, provide an in-depth study of an individual chapter of the Bible or examine a specific topic to guide us toward a Christian life more pleasing to God. Each series provides a learning experience. With a better understanding of the scriptures, we equip ourselves to understanding the Word as it relates to our daily lives.

Sometimes there is no sermon series. Individual sermons guide us to a better understanding of God's Word so we may learn more about the Lord's plan for us and how to follow the Christian life God desires us to live. In this way, we can grow closer to God through our knowledge of the scriptures. Each journey into the Bible allows us to closely examine ourselves, to live a life more pleasing to the Lord and to grow in our faith.

About Sermons: Sermons are expository in nature (with some exceptions) because Scripture should be the focus not the cleverness or wisdom of the pastor. It is also because God Himself has spoken, why would we want the wisdom of man? Therefore it's in our best interest to discover what God has said on the various topics of life (not what a pastor has opinions or advice on) and learn to apply them to our own lives and situations.

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