Youth Ministry
Grades 7-12

The youth meet in the upper level of the church on Sunday from 9:30am until 10:30am for Bible study (Sunday School). They are encouraged to also stay for Worship Service at 10:45am.

3-6TEENS meets each Wednesday from 6:00pm until 7:30pm for a light meal, lessons and activities.

3-6TEENS is for all students with the goal of leading non-believers into a relationship with Christ and to draw believing Christians closer in their walk with Christ.

3-6TEENS strives to give students the chance to build relationships, grow in their faith and develop a biblical view of life while experiencing the fun that comes with being a Christian.

Throughout the year there are activities for fun and fellowship such as bowling, going to the zoo, movies, putt-putt golf or a Christian music concert. Additionally, the youth also help to raise funds for organizations.

Safety: The safety of the youth is of primary importance at Grace Community Baptist Church. Background checks are done for the youth's ministry volunteers.

Additional Information: Tom Littrell, Sr., Youth Coordinator
Grace Community Baptist Church
Phone: 502 361-2911